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Nanobrew - Small Business Shenanigans

Nanobrew: Small Business Shenanigans is brought to you by the clowns that run Books & Brews Franchising LLC. Books, beer, music, game, and friendly people doing silly stuff.

Sep 20, 2016

The gang welcomes Sarah Burns from Indiana on Tap for her record sixth time to call our Pete for her record and much to her dismay Pete makes a sudden unannounced appearance. Jason's Nanotip is about why your motivation for going into business is the key to sustaining success while Bryan and Max do their best to make...

Sep 13, 2016

The gang waxes intellectual about the heavy-handed symbolism of C.S. Lewis's epic, The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe. Just joking, they discusses the new horror movie Don't Breathe, do a little Stump the Brewer, make Mortal Kombat noises, beef on audiobooks (Bs on Ts), and Max explains why he holds all his important...