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Nanobrew - Small Business Shenanigans

Nanobrew: Small Business Shenanigans is brought to you by the clowns that run Books & Brews Franchising LLC. Books, beer, music, game, and friendly people doing silly stuff.

Jul 19, 2018

The gang talks about approaching every day with a relentless attitude for success: "Today is the day you notice me." I didn't have time to edit this episode or really remember what we talked about but Brandon assures me it was one of our best episodes ever. I'm sure we stumped Bryan because he's brain doesn't work good....

Jul 12, 2018

The gang gives their advise on the best way to get a raise, Cecilia talks about her dancing past, Jason gets his business inspiration from Starcraft 2, Bryan can't stop talking about The Island, Kyle displays his road rage, and Komal talks about how she want's to see Michael Bay's version of A Quiet Place.


Jul 5, 2018

The gang welcomes Scott from the Indianapolis Coffee Guide and discuss the big iconic promotions done by some of the biggest brands on the planet. All Jason knows about Pepsi is the Britney Spears commercial, Scott beefs on electric scooters, Bryan's goes full Time Cop on us and discusses the movie Alien like it just...