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Nanobrew - Small Business Shenanigans

Nanobrew: Small Business Shenanigans is brought to you by the clowns that run Books & Brews Franchising LLC. Books, beer, music, game, and friendly people doing silly stuff.

Jan 17, 2019

Peepz in the podcast: Brandon, Bryan, Justin, Jason, and Faren

No one calls Jason Snake Eyes… still.
Where is our Books & Brews T-shirt Gun?
When you become pals with your coworkers, they punch out and you haven’t done a dang thing all day. “Welp, guess I have to do work now.”
We discussed delegation when you’re an entrepreneur.
Nobody knows the business better than you. You’re going to have a bigger impact on the guest. Pass on your knowledge.
Owner is willing to work his ass off, people below you will too.
Jason has story time: someone abandoned their underwear after they uh…
We talk about new management, and at some point, you have to let go in the delegation process.
Grandparent and the Jitterbug.
Justin: Cut out 40:54 when Jason calls Justin’s mom Julie.
Brandon: “Pinball was a demo for a game that was never released.”
Jason: Your return on your time investment is as important as your financial investment.
Some people are just not going to be as good as you. Sometimes, you’re going to have to reset and kick people in the ass. If they can’t see the value in that, let them leave.
Has Bryan watched Black Mirror: Bandersnatch? The world wants to know.
No one besides Jason had guilty pleasures... apparently.
Every story is the same story. Everything, everywhere has conflict.
Lots of talk about rom coms.